A Walk through the West End – poster

A Walk Through the West End –

Hits From Your Favourite Musicals

  • Thursday 27th & Friday 28th April 2023
  • The Civic, Trowbridge

Rose Bowl award

We are delighted that we were awarded the The Chris Harris Award for Best Variety/Revue/Pantomime 2023 for this show.

Production team

Anna Mazan – Director / Choreographer

Nick Goodall – Musical Director


Act I

Jenna Daisy Woodruffe
Becky Sarah Easterbrook
Dawn Bex Mould
Cal Tim Knott
What’s Inside dancers Sarah Brewer, Natasha Drane, Connie Knight, Chloë Johnson, Emily Shimmons, Kirstie Blackwall (Mother)
What’s Inside singers Caroline Murray, Natalia Wieczorek
  • What’s Inside – Jenna, Becky, Dawn, dancers, singers
  • Opening Up – Jenna, Becky, Dawn, Cal, chorus
  • She Used to Be Mine – Jenna
Jamie Toby Flenley
Pritti Carisma Dolphin
Margaret Lou Knight
  • Spotlight – Pritti, Jamie
  • Everybody’s Talking About Jamie — chorus
  • He’s My Boy – Margaret
Evan Hansen Ben Jenkins
Heidi Caroline Murray
Zoe Becky Lawrence
  • So Big, So Small – Heidi, Evan
  • Only Us – Evan, Zoe
  • Medley – chorus with solos by Bernice Hudson, Andrew Curtis, Tim Hobbs
Javert Tim Hobbs
Éponine Natalia Wieczorek
Jean Valjean Andrew Curtis
Marius Ben Jenkins
Cosette Emma Hogg
Enjolras Tim Knott
M. Thénardier Ed Beazley
Mme. Thénardier Maria Matthews
  • Stars – Javert
  • On My Own – Éponine
  • One Day More  – all with chorus

Act II

Elder Cunningham Tim Hobbs
Elder Price Ben Jenkins
  • Hello – chorus
  • You and Me – Elder Price, Elder Cunningham
Ann Boleyn Connie Knight
Catherine Parr Daisy Woodruffe
Katherine Howard Bex Mould
Jane Seymour Frankie Walker
Anne of Cleves Emily Shimmons
Catherine of Aragon Becky Lawrence
  • Ex-Wives – six queens
  • Don’t Lose Your Head – Ann Boleyn and other queens
  • Heart of Stone – Jane Seymour and other queens
Beverley Sarah Davies
  • Welcome to the Rock – chorus
  • Me and the Sky – Beverley, ladies’ chorus
Tracy Turnblad Connie Knight
Penny Bex Mould
Edna Tim Hobbs
Motormouth Lou Knight
  • Good Morning Baltimore – Tracy and chorus
  • You Can’t Stop the Beat – Tracy, Penny, Edna, Motormouth and chorus
  • Medley – chorus with solos by Tim Knott, Carisma Dolphin, Caroline Murray, Tim Hobbs, Lou Knight, Chloë Johnson, Emily Shimmons
  • Medley – chorus with solos by Kirstie Blackwall, Sarah Davies, Lou Knight


  • Edward Beazley
  • Kirstie Blackwall
  • Claire Borovac
  • Sarah Brewer
  • Julian Clementson
  • Janet Cooper
  • Helen Cosslett
  • Andrew Curtis
  • Sarah Davies
  • Carisma Dolphin
  • Natasha Drane
  • Sarah Easterbrook
  • Toby Flenley
  • Tim Hobbs
  • Beth Hodge
  • Emma Hogg
  • Bernice Hudson
  • Ben Jenkins
  • Chloë Johnson
  • Wayne Kelly
  • Connie Knight
  • Lou Knight
  • Tim Knott
  • Becky Lawrence
  • Maria Matthews
  • Bex Mould
  • Caroline Murray
  • Emily Shimmons
  • Janet Thompson
  • Frankie Walker
  • Natalia Wieczorek
  • Daisy Woodruffe
Keyboard / MD Nick Goodall
Bass Guitar Nigel Shires
Percussion Tony Stockley
Director, Principal Choreographer Anna Mazan
Musical Director Nick Goodall
Vocal Coach Lou Knight
Additional choreography Sarah Davies, Daisy Woodruffe
Rehearsal pianists Nick Goodall, Julian Clementson, Lou Knight
Show Producer Maria Matthews
Stage Manager Nicky Runyeard-Hunt
Backstage Crew Stewart Langford, Cameron Runyeard-Hunt, Steven Riddell
Wardrobe Sandra Tucker, Karen Grant
Properties Bernice Hudson
Lighting, Sound The Civic, Harry King, Wendy Wenham
Hair and make-up Daisy Woodruffe, Janet Thompson
Publicity photographs Trevor Porter
Poster design Tim Hobbs
Programme Claire Borovac, rehearsal photos from cast members
Raffle Janet Cooper
Website Andrew Curtis, Claire Borovac
Rehearsal refreshments Carisma Dolphin, Frankie Walker, Connie Knight, Emma Hogg
  • the staff and volunteers of The Civic, Trowbridge
  • the caretakers of The Mead School
  • the caretakers of North Bradley Peace Memorial Hall
  • everybody who helped with props, publicity, front of house and everything else!