Phil Courage


Julian Clementson

Musical Director

Allison Moore

  • Sir Joseph Porter

    Chris Pollock

  • Dick Deadeye

    Pete Grant

  • Josephine

    Caroline Murray

  • Sailors

    Mike Adams, David Bullock, Dennis Carr, Mike Holden, Dave Powell, Richard Rawlings, Charlie Reynolds, Cameron Runyeard-Hunt, Alan Rutland

  • Captain Corcoran

    Andrew Curtis

  • Bill Bobstay

    Paul West

  • Hebe

    Janet Cooper

  • Sisters, Cousins and Aunts

    Jacqui Bates, Ann Berry, Claire Borovac, Frances Brown, Alison Chown, Helen Cosslett, Sarah Hanks, Denise Harrison, Michelle Hole, M ’Lou Llewellyn, Maria Matthews, Anna Mazan

  • Ralph Rackstraw

    Sean Andrews

  • Bob Becket

    Iorweth Mitchell

  • Little Buttercup

    Allison Moore

  • Rehearsal Pianists

    Tony James, Julian Clementson

  • Stage Manager

    Ollie Phipps

  • Deputy Stage Manager

    Emma Elliott

  • Stage Crew

    SO! Stage Illusions, Nicole Bolwell, Nicky Runyeard-Hunt

  • Show Coordinator

    Claire Borovac

  • Wardrobe

    Joan Baggs, Sandra Tucker

  • Hired Costumes

    Bath Theatrical Costume Hire

  • Properties

    Phil Courage

  • Set Design and Construction

    Phil Courage

  • Lighting and Sound

    Tony  Giddings

  • Front of House

    Members and Friends of the Society

  • Publicity

    Members and Friends of the Society

  • Publicity Photographs

    Trevor Porter

  • Poster Design

    Claire Borovac

  • Programme

    Claire Borovac

  • Programme Photographs

    Claire Borovac & Clive James

  • Raffle

    Ann Berry & Janet Cooper

  • Orchestra Lights

    Michelle Hole

  • Rehearsal Refreshments

    Claire Borovac, Karen Grant


  • Piano / Conductor
  • Violin
  • Viola
  • Cello
  • Double Bass
  • Flute
  • Clarinet
  • Drums / Percussion
  • Julian Clementson
  • John Lauder, Helen Heaton
  • Tony James
  • Teresa Cole
  • Nigel Shires
  • Joanna Gurr
  • David Shepard
  • Tony Stockley