Lyn Taylor


Julian Clementson

Musical Director
  • Darryl Van Horne

    Gary Robson

  • Sukie Rougemount

    Dora Bishop

  • Michael Spofford

    Lewis Kirkpatrick

  • Brenda Parsley

    Janet Cooper

  • Rebecca

    Chloe Johnson

  • Ed Parsley

    Mike Holden

  • Toby Bergman

    Ed Byrne

  • Alexandra Spofford

    Lou Knight

  • Felicia Gabriel

    Allison Moore

  • Clyde Gabriel

    Andrew Curtis

  • Greta Neff

    Frances Brown

  • Little Girl

    Anabella Fairgrieve

  • Joe Marino

    Alan Rutland

  • Frank Ogden

    Bruce Thompson

  • Jane Smart

    Leonie Macaslin

  • Jennifer Gabriel

    Martha Drane

  • Gina Marino

    Ann Berry

  • Marge Perly

    Wendy Wenham

  • Fidel

    Clive James

  • Raymond Neff

    Matt Heaton

  • Rehearsal Pianists

    Tony James, Julian Clementson

  • Assistant Choreographer

    Sarah Hanks

  • Stage Manager

    Ollie Phipps

  • Deputy Stage Manager

    Emma Elliott

  • Backstage Crew

    SO! Stage Illusions, Nicole Bolwell, Nicky Runyeard-Hunt, Ieuan Turner

  • Show Co-ordinator

    Claire Borovac

  • Wardrobe

    Joan Baggs, Sandra Tucker, Karen Grant, Kate Millard, Patricia Davies

  • Hired Costumes

    Bath Theatrical Costumiers

  • Properties

    Anna Mazan, Members and Friends of the Society

  • Set Construction / Painting

    Claire Borovac, Paul West, Pete Grant, Steve Borovac, Paul Butler, Chris Worthy, Members and Friends of the Society, Trowbridge Players

  • Lighting

    Martyn Johnson, Paul West

  • Sound and Sound Effects

    Tony Giddings

  • Front of House

    Members and Friends of the Society

  • Publicity

    Members and Friends of the Society

  • Publicity Photographs

    Clive James

  • Poster Design

    Claire Borovac

  • Programme

    Claire Borovac

  • Programme Photographs

    Claire Borovac, Clive James

  • Programme Photographs

    Claire Borovac, Clive James

  • Raffle

    Ann Berry

  • Orchestra Lights

    Michelle Hole

  • Rehearsal Refreshments

    Karen Grant

  • Hair and Make-up Supervisor

    Kate Millard


  • Conductor / Keyboards
  • Piano
  • Bass
  • Drums / Percussion