Joint Production with Trowbridge Players

Sylvia Seaman


Helen Heaton

Musical Director

Pierrots and Pierrettes

Sean Andrews, Christina Barnes, Sandie Brooks,
David Bullock, Ed Byrne, Lesley Chapman, Kally Church,
Helen Cosslett, Charlotte Davies, Daniel Fairgrieve,
Tony Giddings, Karen Grant, Pete Grant, Stella Greaves,
Chris Greenwood, Sarah Hanks, Denise Harrison,
Becky Holden, Chloë Johnson, Lewis Kirkpatrick, Tim Knott,
M’Lou Llewellyn, Chris Pollock, Charlie Reynolds,
Alan Rutland, Paul West


  • Piano / Conductor
  • Reed I
  • Reed II
  • Trumpet
  • Double Bass
  • Drums/ Percussion
  • Helen Heaton
  • Joanna Gurr
  • David Shepard
  • Chris Sanders, David Hynd
  • Nigel Shires
  • Tony Stockley
Rehearsal Pianist
Helen Heaton
Assistant Director
Angela Giddings
Stage Manager
Ollie Phipps
Deputy Stage Manager
Emma Elliott
Backstage Crew
SO! Stage Illusions, Nicole Bolwell, Nicky Runyeard-Hunt, Cameron Runyeard-Hunt
Show Co-ordinators
Angela Giddings, Claire Borovac
Stella Greaves, Joan Baggs, Sandra Tucker, Karen Grant
Hired costumes
Bath Theatrical Costume Hire
Military accessories
Terry Bishop
Angela Giddings, Tony Giddings, Members and Friends of the Societies
Set Construction / Painting
Tony Giddings, Barry Culverhouse, Nicky Runyeard-Hunt, Pete Grant, Sylvia Seaman
Tony Giddings, Lewis Johnson
Sound and Special Effects
Tony Giddings
Original slides
John Bury
Simon Giddings
Front of House
Members and Friends of the Societies
Members and Friends of the Societies
Publicity Photographs
Trevor Porter
Poster Design
Claire Borovac
Claire Borovac
Programme Photographs
Claire Borovac, Clive James
Programme Printing
Westbury Print Ltd.
Ann Berry
Orchestra Lights
Michelle Hole
Rehearsal Refreshments
Karen Grant