Andrew Curtis


Helen Heaton

Musical Director
  • Major-General Stanley

    Matt Dauncey

  • One-eyed Jack

    Janet Cooper

  • Mabel

    Naomi McMurray

  • Isabel

    Frances Brown

  • The Pirate King

    Paul West

  • Frederic

    Sean Andrews

  • Edith

    Francesca Denneny

  • Ruth

    Michelle Hole

  • Samuel

    Jon Hawker

  • Sergeant of Police

    Kirstie Blackwall

  • Kate

    Sarah Hanks

  • Rehearsal Pianists

    Julian Clementson, Helen Heaton

  • Stage Manager

    Ollie Phipps

  • Stage Crew

    Nicole Bolwell

  • Show Coordinator

    Claire Borovac, Jon Hawker

  • Wardrobe

    Joan Baggs, Sandra Tucker, Kirstie Blackwall

  • Hired Costumes

    Bath Theatrical Costume Hire

  • Properties

    Member and Friends of the Society

  • Set Design and Construction

    Phil Courage

  • Lighting and Sound

    Tony  Giddings

  • Front of House

    Members and Friends of the Society

  • Publicity

    Members and Friends of the Society

  • Publicity Photographs

    Trevor Porter

  • Poster Design

    Jon Hawker

  • Programme

    Claire Borovac, Andrew Curtis

  • Raffle

    Ann Berry

  • Orchestra Lights

    Michelle Hole

  • Rehearsal Refreshments

    Claire Borovac, Karen Grant


  • Piano / Conductor
  • Violins
  • Viola
  • Cello
  • Double Bass
  • Flute
  • Clarinet
  • Drums / Percussion
  • Helen Heaton
  • John Lauder (Not Sat), Michael Oliver (Sat), Karen Faulkner-Davies (Fri-Sat), Eirwen Quinney (Sun-Fri)
  • Jean Beecham (Fri-Sat), Tony James (Sun-Fri)
  • Teresa Cole, Margaret Farnon (Sun, Tues)
  • Nigel Shires
  • Jennie Mason-Smith
  • David Shepard
  • Laurie Jones